This project was in collaboration with sculpture and photographer Evan Bar ( We constructed 12- 3’x3’ frames to stretch canvas, which held various images dealing with nature in comparison to industry. The images were Xerox transfers done with acetone and then ran through a litho-press. Installed, we projected 4 films dealing with similar ideas of compartmentalization but by reversing the nature industry roles and adding two sets of films dealing with mundane human routines. Florescent light fixtures were placed behind the canvases to illuminate them from behind. The hope was to question our roles in relation to nature and industry while challenging the immediacy of motion film in relation to how we value the passing of time. We were interested with how these might effect the ways we consider the past and future once installed in a given space.

To open one of the video loops click here
or see the videos installed
or closeups of the still images



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